Vision Therapy

Could Your Eyes Benefit from Vision Therapy?

Vision TherapyVision therapy is a technique used to improve vision skills by training the brain to better control the eyes. Through vision training, skills such as eye movement control, eye coordination, and eye teamwork are improved. Dr. Schmidt can help to improve your vision during office appointments and assigned exercises at home.

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program designed to eliminate or improve conditions that may not be treatable with glasses or surgery alone. Conditions such as amblyopia, eye teaming, focusing, strabismus, and tracking disorders can be improved with the help of Dr. Schmidt and individualized vision therapy exercises. If you've suffered from a brain injury or concussion which has affected your vision, Dr. Schmidt will work with you to discover the most beneficial treatment therapy to restore your clear vision.

Treatment tools such as lenses, 3D activities, prisms, computer software and other instruments are used to help improve your vision through building a stronger connection for the eyes to work as a team.

Vision therapy works to help improve your visual efficiency. Dr. Schmidt can help individuals who have issues with eye teaming, focusing, or tracking through creating individualized exercises and usage of instruments.

Eye Teaming

Eye Teaming involves both eyes working together to create a coordinated visual. This binocular vision is a skill that allows for both eyes to work together and create improved depth perception. Individuals who have issues with eye teaming may experience double vision and blurred vision which can cause headaches and eye strain.

Eye Focusing

Eye focusing is an adjustment our visual system interprets when we look from one distance to another. This helps our vision to view objects and our environment efficiently appear in focus. Issues with focusing occur when an individual is unable to quickly or accurately relax the focusing muscle. This leaves our focusing skill in a constant strain where the eye muscle is contracted. Focusing problems cause blurry vision, headaches and eye strain.

Eye Tracking

It is important for our vision to operate functionally where our eyes have the ability to accurately move from one location to another. Tracking allows for our eyes to move from one word to another while reading a book, to follow moving objects while playing sports, and to safely drive a car on the road. Having accurate eye movements through tracking allows for good hand-eye coordination.

If you find yourself having double vision, having issues while focusing on objects, or unable to follow each word while reading a book, contact Dr. Schmidt. Here at Hawaii Eye Institute we can help to improve your vision problems through our successful vision therapy options.


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